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Guide to understanding nuances of each integrated OTA.

HVMI (Marriott)

  • HVMI is the merchant on record and they collect payments and disburse two times a week.
  • Shari will post the payment when it comes in. 
  • You cannot change a reservation.  If there are changes (i.e., add a pet, add a night, etc.), add it to Streamline and collect money for that specific new charge.
  • Adding an additional night in streamline: Must get card number and billing address from guest directly.
    • add the night under current reservation folio and zero out
    • go to the general page and click “add on”
    • Scroll to find “Marriott add on room”
    • Enter the cost for the room rate that night
    • Change “logic type from travel agent to guest”
    • Once the add on has been completed, the system will automatically add another destination fee and tax-cancel the additional destination fee by clicking the red X next to the charge, keep the sales tax
    • Charge card
    • send email with confirmation of reservation change
  • They have the right to cancel within 48 hours after booking without a penalty.
  • They have a different cancellation policy.  You MUST cancel in the HVMI Portal and not Streamline.  See Cancellation Policy below:

Cancellation Policy.  The Company’s Cancellation Policy is:

  • If Guest books sixty-one (61) days prior to arrival, a 50% deposit is due at the time of booking and the balance is due 60 days prior to arrival.  If Guest cancels within 48 hours of booking, a full refund will be issued to the guest.  If Guest cancels 48+ hours after booking and less than sixty (60) days prior to arrival, no refund will be issued.
  • If Guest books anywhere from eleven to sixty (11-60) days prior to arrival, 100% is due at the time of booking.  A full refund will be given if Guest cancels within 48 hours of booking.  No refund will be given if cancelled 48+ hours after booking.
  • If Guest books ten (10) days or less prior to arrival, 100% is due at the time of booking.  No refund will be available. 
  • If Guest provides a bad credit card, they have 72 hours to make it right or HVMI cancels.
  • Melissa, Shari and Caleb are the only ones with access to the HVMI portal as of 4/25/22.


  • StayLakeNorman is the merchant on record.
  • We collect and process the payment.
  • If there is a credit card problem, immediately let Shari know because we have to go into the Booking.com portal to select there is a problem and then they have 24 hours to get us a new one or it’s cancelled. 
  • When replying to inquiries, you will need to log into the Booking.com portal (https://admin.booking.com) and go to the Inbox for the property the inquiry is for.  User name:  staylakenorman1    Password:  Porter1is2funny 
  • Sometimes there is no phone number and the email is “masked”.  After they book, I recommend reaching out to them and requesting this information and entering it into Streamline. 

Let Shari know if you have any questions.

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