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  • Full time staff members for reservations, housekeeping, maintenance, marketing and management
  • Superb photography with top notch marketing and SEO programs
  • Latest vacation rental technologies and platforms
  • Revenue management to maximize earnings
  • Vacation rental insurance and guest screening
  • Interior design services to showcase your property's appearance

Let’s face it…when folks decide to book a vacation, they want to feel a sense of escape and excitement.

At StayLakeNorman, we don’t just take homes and call them vacation rentals. Why do that? They sit in a crowded space of other “just lake homes” with “Grandma’s bedspread” and a collection of old mismatched furniture and colors that were maybe cool in the 80’s but probably never that cool.

Understand that our guests live somewhere in their “all American” residential home 50 weeks out of the year. When they go on vacation, they dream of getting out of this lifestyle for a week or two and live a storybook life — a life like they see on Pinterest or HGTV.

We know what guests want and we have the real estate company to help find the correct home in the correct location. Together with the designers, contractors, and vision, StayLakeNorman will create a vacation rental home that will consistently book more nights and at a much higher rate than the “grandma’s bedspread” home.

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StayLakeNorman has in its control the strongest performing vacation rental homes on Lake Norman. Most of our properties have gross rental incomes above $200,000 per year and a few above $300,000 a year. We have a boat rental company and concierge services to help complete what luxury guests want in their vacations. Our staff includes Reservationists, Housekeeping , Maintenance folks, Quality Control teams,  as well as private chefs, massage therapists, etc.

We can do it all and once the vacation rental home is ready, we advertise, market, book, clean, stock, repair and maintain it. Every month you will receive a detailed statement showing all the bookings, expenses, and, most of all, a very nice deposit straight into your bank account.

If you currently have a home on Lake Norman or wish to purchase one, StayLakeNorman is the only dedicated luxury vacation rental company in Lake Norman and is ready to help you achieve a luxury rental that should return you an annual income that may make your accountant actually get emotional.

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