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158 on Main – The Lake Norman Experience Podcast

I’m sitting here with Cole. He’s one of the owners of 158 on Main with his wife. Cole, I always like to start the podcast with:

What’s your favorite thing about Lake Norman?

Well, thank you for being here and doing what you do, recruiting, tourism, and bringing in new people, and that’s probably one of my favorite things about this area, and how we landed here. It’s so close to Charlotte, and you can imagine 30 minutes to the airport, 30 minutes to uptown, any major sporting event you want to go to. But you have the feel of a small town and the amazing people that live here with our small town services being so close to a major market.

Absolutely, every time I drive through one of our towns around the lake, I get that feeling, especially this time of year where you get that Hallmark Christmas movie feeling. It never escapes me every time I drive through one of our towns. And obviously having the actual lake  (Lake Norman) here doesn’t hurt at all.

What is 158 on Main?

OK, well, let’s get to this place; before we get to what made this a winter Wonderland behind me. Tell me what is 158 on Main. So we like to use the example if you’re sitting in your grandmother‘s kitchen and she’s making a great cake, we have all the ingredients sitting right here. We’ve got Main St., Mooresville and we’re front and center. We serve craft cocktails, which who doesn’t like a good craft cocktail and a great food light-faared menu that goes with it. And then on the weekends and a couple of nights a week, throw in some live music. So everything is just right here for a date night, girls’ night out, whatever it is. We’re gonna give you an atmosphere to enjoy an elevated atmosphere as you would in uptown Charlotte or downtown Chicago or any other major city.

Absolutely, and that’s what separates you a little bit from most restaurants in the area. You’re kind of a combination between a higher-end cocktail bar and also just a casual place to grab a small bite to eat with somebody.

Do you wanna come in after work and grab a beer and a burger? Come on. Or if you wanna sit here and have one of our craft cocktails that has about 12 different ingredients; our bartenders are like chefs, and all the artistic things that they do are amazing and certainly amazing to taste as well.

Miracle Pop Up Christmas Restaurant

And then one step further that separates you guys from most places I’ve ever seen is you do this Christmas Wonderland. So this is called Miracle on Main. We are part of the Miracle pop-up network. It actually originated in Manhattan, New York City. We’re one of 8 locations in the state of North Carolina. And the best way I describe it, Caleb, is if you shrink yourself to 2 inches, crawl inside of the Christmas tree and look out. You’ve got ornaments and presents hanging from the ceiling, and our cocktail menu changes, our food menu changes. All of the drinks are curated from the mixologists in uptown Manhattan. We have a dinosaur glass, a unicorn mug, so it just makes it fun and festive. Everybody can come enjoy the holiday spirit; it’d be hard to come here and not leave in the holiday spirit. 

When you walk in, you can’t help but smile, and I think that’s part of what the holiday spirit is about—smiling and enjoying yourself.

And we’re very honored this year too. When I think of Christmas, the first thing you think of is Santa Claus. The second thing I think of is kids, and so we actually partnered with the Children’s Hope Alliance in Troutman, and all of our guests have an opportunity to participate and give and help in that way as well.

Are Kids Allowed at 158 on Main?

And let’s talk about kids real quick because I’m not gonna see kids running around this place whether it be now or anytime I come here, right?

Correct, we are a 21 and up facility. It just provides the atmosphere, and we would love to have you go get a babysitter, come on date night. At some point, you never know what things happen and as a father myself, I have kids as well and would love for families to come enjoy this but right now we are 21 and up.

Live Music in Lake Norman

And the music scene that we have when Miracle is not going on; Thursday, Friday, Saturday at least and it could be anywhere from a single acoustic guitar player to a six-piece band. So we kind of mix it up throughout the year, and that’s a good draw as well. When you do want to come have a cocktail and enjoy the evening, we don’t have big speakers upfront that are blaring. It’s a really technical sound system so whether you’re front row or the back of the bar, you are going to hear the same thing which is a nice pleasant tone where we could still have a conversation and listen to live music.

For Everybody watching and listening, they wanna hear about this, they wanna see what’s the best way for them to follow you or make reservations? 

*But note you can’t make reservations during Miracle*

Just do to the sheer popularity of everybody trying to come in. We want to be fair and allow everyone to experience this. So from November 16 until December 31 is our Miracle—no reservations. We do them any other week of the year and we absolutely can host two tops all the way up to a 30 top event for your office.

Follow and Make a Reservation at 158 on Main

What’s the best way for people to follow you, see what you’re doing, see pictures, videos of Miracle or in the future to make a reservation.

We have an amazing team so our website is 158onmain.com. You can sign up for a newsletter, all of our social follow that 158 on Main and they’re updated on a daily basis sometimes multiple times a day. So I love the team that put that together so please follow us come up and see us anytime we’d love to host you for a private event for a single event or come on up for Miracle and have a good holiday cocktail.