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Charlotte the Figgy – The Lake Norman Experience Podcast

All right, everyone, you know what time it is. We are back again with a brand new episode of the Lake Norman experience podcast. This is a different look for us because if you’re watching us, we’re sitting in this incredible car, and we’ll get to that in just a second. But I’m here with Michele, the owner of Figgy, Charlotte the Figgy, so let’s start with this first: What’s your favorite thing about Lake Norman?

The people. Love the people. I grew up in a big city, Houston, Texas, where the people there are great too, but I just think the warmth of the people, and you know, I think the people of Lake Norman really know how to have a good time.

And this car gives everyone a good time, so tell me about Charlotte.

This is a 1991 Nissan Figaro from Japan. It was made exclusively for the Japanese market, so right when Nissan bought Dotson, they did this as a special project in Japan out of one factory called the pike factory. They were only gonna do a few thousand of these cars, but the Japanese people went bananas for it, so they did about 21,000 of them, and they installed a lottery system. So there’s about four, maybe 5000 in operation now. You see a lot in the UK, yeah, that’s where the bulk of them are, but they’re slowly coming over here.

I’ve personally never seen a car like this, and most people never see this car in their lifetime, so it’s really, really special. I drive it, I love people interacting with the car because it is so unique. Another fun fact is you can see all these really pretty, like, the clamshell. This was one of the first cars where the design team was predominantly made up of women, so this is a nod to art deco, the 1920s fashion, which is very cool, and it looks like it’s older than 1991.

When you said 1991, I was like no way, but I can see it. I can see the small touches that give homage to the ’90s and the late ’80s, like this radio and the tape player.

OK, let’s talk about what you do with this Charlotte because you drive her around, but it’s not a rental car. So tell me about exactly what experiences you’re creating for people.

So I think one, I rented out for people that are looking for kind of an edge, like aesthetically something in their pictures that people like. Let’s say for branding because I do a lot of branding photos. It’s great because you have a captive audience because they’re trying to figure out what this car is, right? So I do that with photos. I don’t do photography. I partner with photographers, some amazing photographers in Charlotte and Lake Norman area. But some branding photos for wedding shots, that iconic getaway shots. I put a just married sign on the back. The couple sits in the back, and we kind of record some video. And I do a lot of special events. Nina’s Boutique regularly hires Figgy for events. She does these big blowout events and then different places around. We’re about to go to Phillips Place in a couple of weeks, so a lot of branding, a lot of engagement shoots also. And I do these picnics, which are like a champagne roadside picnic. OK, let’s talk about that for a second.

So you’re telling me, I could call if I wanted to do something special for my partner, and you would help me set up. Just this incredible like Hallmark moments. You walk up, and she will be blown away, so everything is set up. And I really try to pay homage to kind of it being vintage feel with vintage China, vintage crystal and champagne. If people don’t drink, there can be something else, a whole little charcuterie that’s catered by Babe and Butcher. Blanket out, picnic basket, and I even do a playlist.

But you go totally the other way too. I’ve seen you with some little kids I’ve fallen in love with.

Yes, and we also do Barbie car. So with Barbie coming out I wanted to do something special; so the car’s not pink, and I’m not going to turn it pink. So I do put car vinyl design with Red Eye Design which does high-quality vinyl like they do on all the race cars, and it can say Barbie. It can say the kid’s names, and it’s decked out in all things Barbie. But we can do that also for branding, so I can do custom license plates for things which is really fun for events etc. but yeah, the kids love it.

I could just see my little one just everywhere loving it, so OK, so you’ve got the kids, you’ve got the businesses, you’ve got the engagement photos, you’ve got the romantic picnic. Really, I mean, anything that could be photographed, you’re a part of. You want to be in that moment and let the people feel special and something that once again, they’re never gonna see really.

It’s so rare, so it really elevates your event, elevates your photographs, elevates a lot of people do it for you because again you have that captive audience and it’s something super unique and.

So for everyone listening, for those of you watching who get to see this unique Figaro, what’s the best way for people to follow you, get a hold of you, see what you’re doing or where they can see you or even book something?

So www.charlottethefiggy.com. You can use the inquiry form and put all your information in there and book the card or get pricing information. And then you can also follow me on Instagram at Charlotte with the Figgy, all things at Charlotte Figgy.

Pictures and videos don’t do it justice when you see it and even hearing it is really, really special. I can’t really put into words explaining this; it’s something you have to experience and if you need something for a photoshoot, if you just really want to experience a one a kind car, you definitely have to check out Charlotte The Figgy.