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Family First: How Two Sisters Designed the Ideal Vacation Rental for Large Families Like Their Own!

Hogan Crest by StayLakeNorman

Stephanie Lovette and Missy Whyte are not interior designers by trade, but when the opportunity to design a vacation rental property on Lake Norman presented itself, they knew they were up to the task. The two sisters worked together with a clear vision, mutual trust, and a lot of humor!

Missy’s husband, Rob, is a builder and Stephanie’s husband, Drew, is a pool designer who always dreamed of having a lake house. So, between the four of them, they had the knowledge and excitement to put together a luxury vacation rental that would be perfect for their big family, and for others like them.

Owners and designers behind StayLakeNorman luxury vacation rental, Hogan Crest, are Rob and Missy with their daughters.
Owners and designers behind StayLakeNorman luxury vacation rental, Hogan Crest, are Drew and Stephanie with their son.

The way they approached the project was informed by their experience as a big family going on vacation.

“We have vacationed together our whole lives. We go away every summer together. So we have rented – between winter vacations, summer vacations – probably hundreds of homes. We know what works for a family that’s on vacation and what doesn’t because we have done it ourselves.”

The sisters explained that they were trying to cater to that idea of a large family vacationing together throughout the process. At first, it was all about the practicalities. They knew they wanted every room to have a bathroom and every room to have a view, because that’s what they seek out in a vacation home. Everyone needs space to spread out, and there has to be a place for the kiddos to play. Also incorporated were unique and useful features like an outdoor shower, things they valued from past experiences.

In terms of decorating, the women focused on neutral colors, making “white, light, airy, simple, and clean” their guiding vision.

“We knew we just didn’t want to introduce too much color because the color is out there in the view. So we kept everything a little more simple, with a neutral color palette.”

If there was a color that they repeated throughout the house, it was green – as in plants. Greenery was a way to add a natural pop of color to every room and create warmth. Visitors will notice cheerful plants of all sizes throughout the home, giving it a spa-like atmosphere.

inside the design process of a luxury waterfront rental with StayLakeNorman in Lake Norman, NC

When asked what features of the home were highlights, Stephanie and Missy agreed that it was all about connection to the setting and each other. 

Being right on Lake Norman, their priority was to enhance the lake, both indoors and outdoors, at all times.

incorporating indoor/outdoor living into the design at a waterfront rental with StayLakeNorman

The outdoor space was key, too. The family incorporated a double deck with plenty of seating, a luxurious pool (which came a bit later), and added sand at the shoreline for a beachy lakefront play area. 

Indoors, the sisters are most proud of the dining room table, custom-built by their husbands. 

“The table was a labor of love because we all knew, once again, that when we vacation together there’s never a big enough table for everyone to sit at. We shopped for one and we could not find it anywhere, so we convinced our husbands to build one that could seat all of us.” 

The sisters are most proud of the dining room table, custom-built by their husbands. 

Stephanie and Missy say that the most fun room to design was the bunk room. They admitted that there’s more pressure in an adult room to create a design that impresses, but that they enjoyed more creative freedom when designing for the kids. 

Although their kids aren’t all old enough to stay together in that room just yet, they know it’s coming someday. 

“We grew up spending time with our cousins and siblings and we love the idea of them all getting to be in there together, having fun and hanging out.”

A custom bunk room, sure to delight the young ones in your group!

The sisters concluded the conversation by explaining that there is so much trial and error in the process, striving for perfection isn’t possible or necessary. “We probably returned as much as we bought,” Stephanie said. What they did do – and it shows – was enjoy every step of the way.

If your big family (or friend group) needs a getaway this year, contact StayLakeNorman reservations and request to book Hogan Crest. Just like Stephanie and Missy envisioned, you will find it’s been perfectly designed to help you connect with your people and create those core memories that last forever.

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