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Mooresville Golf Club – The Lake Norman Experience Podcast

All right, everyone, you know what time it is! We’ve got a brand new episode of the Lake Norman experience podcast. I’m standing out here—beautiful weather today, by the way—with Luke, the GM of the Mooresville Golf Club. Luke, I always like to start the podcast by asking, what’s your favorite thing about Lake Norman?

So, my favorite thing is just the amount of stuff that’s available to do. You’ve got the east side of town with downtown kind of exploding with restaurants and the downtown ambiance and experience. Then you go to the west side of town, and you’ve got the beautiful lake. You’ve got, obviously, the water activities, but you also have a lot of nice golf courses, including this one right here.

Right, and that’s why we’re here. So, just give me the nuts and bolts—what is Mooresville Golf Club?

Mooresville Golf Club is a municipal golf course owned and operated by the town. We are open 364 days a year, excluding Christmas day, for anybody who wants to play. It’s a very popular destination for golf; we average just over 56,000 rounds a year. The amount of play we get, with both locals and people traveling to the area, makes us something special. We’ve put a lot of money into the golf course and reopened in 2016. Since then, we’ve slowly started to see the number of rounds and new faces increase every year.

And I’ve played this course, and I’ve told you this off the record. This is the nicest municipal course I’ve ever been to and seen. That’s what makes it special; it’s the community that’s basically supporting this. Like you mentioned, it’s not only for locals; it’s open to the public—some golf courses in the area aren’t. So, talk to me a little bit about how you guys balance the relationship between the locals and the people coming in to visit just to golf.

So, I mean, a little bit more than that too. We do offer memberships, which have been sold out for a little bit of time because we have a cap on that. So, we have a unique mixture here. We offer membership rounds, daily public rounds open to anyone, and a lot of events and leagues open to the public. What makes us stand out is the variety of leagues we offer, including a senior league on Wednesdays and Fridays, a ladies league on Thursdays, and a men’s league on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. These, along with corporate leagues, make us something special and a destination to come and play.

Yeah, absolutely. Another thing I love about this area is that you don’t have to be great at golf here. Everybody is nice. Everybody I’ve played with—and I’m not a great golfer, I’ve got a high handicap—everyone here just feels like family.

Sure, that’s what we’re trying to make it feel like. You want that first impression, and you want the golf course and the people here to really stand out. That’s what brings people back. We see golfers of all ages play and practice here. One of the best things, I think, is our practice facility. Our facility is open every day of the week for anyone who wants to come. We have a putting green, chipping green, a couple of bunkers, and one of the best driving ranges in the area. So, whether you’re just starting out in golf or wanting to go play, you have that opportunity here.

Absolutely, for all those people who want to hear more about the leagues, book a tee time, get on the waiting list, or even see some of the events in the chart that you guys host, what’s the best way for them to find out more about you guys?

Straight off our website. We have a public calendar on the website that lists what’s going on on a daily basis here—whether it’s a league or an event that’s going to close the golf course. The website also goes over our leagues and who to contact if you’re looking to sign up for any of those leagues. If there are any tournaments coming up or a junior program, we have a junior program that’s out here. All that information can be found and navigated through our website, which is mooresvillegolfclub.com. You’ve got to check it out. If you’re watching this, you can see behind to see the amazing practice facility. Whether you want to get 18, get nine, or just feel and smell the golf air because it’s different out here, you guys have to check out the Mooresville Golf Club.